Poker Games

Poker is the most played card game in the world, thanks in part to the many variations of poker games that exist in the world. Poker is a casino game that suits most types of casino visitors, whether you’re into table poker against other players, poker games against a dealer or if you want to play a few deals of videopoker against a payout table.

On you will find information about available pokie casino games that feature poker, such as Casino Hold’Em and the most popular types of Videopoker. If you want to read some poker casino guides to get you started, this is the perfect place.

A look at the differences between regular poker and videopoker
There’s a lot of small differences between regular multiplayer poker and videopoker, though the poker hands remain the same. When you play against other players in a game of poker, regardless of which type of poker, you have to learn to observe behavior and occasionally bluff to make it in the long run. When playing videopoker or table poker against the dealer however, all you really need to think about are the mathematical odds of making a hand and which hand to try for.

This opens up a new kind of poker that allows you to evaluate your hand without any time constraint and without having to consider if the player that just raised you is bluffing or not. In table poker you always have to get a better hand than the dealer, so here you have to consider which hand you should go for against which hand the dealer has. It all comes down to odds, but don’t be discouraged if you’re not a mathematical genius, because all you really need is a general idea of the odds of making each hand.

The dealer in casino poker will never bluff you (likewise you cannot bluff the dealer) and both of your cards are visible to each other. In videopoker it’s a little different since there is no dealer, instead your goal is to create a hand that’s on the payout table. Which hands award what payout is something that differs between a variety of videopoker games and so do the rules.

Which is the most profitable type of poker?
For the best of the best, regular poker will obviously be the most profitable – though it requires a lot of effort and time to become successful (something that not everyone has, or want to spend their time on.) However when it comes to casino poker, all varieties of table poker and videopoker carry about an equal chance of winning in the long run, although the strategies for your play style will differ a lot. Poker games at online casinos occasionally report over 100% return of bet certain months of the year, and those aren’t theoretical numbers but based on actual reports of the win/lose ratios. Pokies bonuses are not common place but they exist.

What poker suits me the best?
Out of all the varieties of table poker and videopoker, it becomes really difficult to say which type suits who the best. There are dozens of different poker games and videopoker games, each with their own set of rules and payouts. However if we were to split it into table poker and videopoker, table poker is usually the most fun for those who enjoy regular poker or black jack, while videopoker suits players that like videoslots. Videopoker also contain bonus games a lot of the time and allows you to play multiple (identical) hands.

You can read all about the different types of videopoker and table poker on our site and it will hopefully help you find something you enjoy to play and reap the rewards.